Specialists in Grooming for Gentlemen

I have relocated to 16 Studholme Street Somerfield Off Barrington St.
Please call for an appointment on (03) 332 0212

The Groom Room Price list

Clipper Cuts$22
Hot Shaves$38
Head Shaves$32
Beard Trims$15
Back Waxing$45
Head/Neck/Face Massage

Groom Room Package Haircut, Hot Shave, 10min Head/Face and Neck Massage
Total $80.00 approx. 45mins.

We sell a range of shaving items for men including shaving bowls, shaving brushes from synthetic to pure badger, shaving soaps and cremes,razors and also facial products for the men.

We also sell Trumpers Shaving Soaps, Taylors Shaving Soaps ,Razors, Double Edge Blades Hair Products, Shaving Oils.


Hot shaves

The perfect way to experience a shave, done with the old fashion cut throat blade. Hot towels are applied, facial hair is removed and your face and head is then massaged with soft organic moisturizer to finish off the treatment.